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Aircraft Maintenance (AMO)

TFASA Engineering is TFASA’s on-site Aircraft Maintenance Organisation, Certificate number:
AMO 1209, which is accredited by the South African CAA. The AMO is operated by fully licensed aircraft engineers from both civil and military backgrounds. The services offered by TFASA AMO include periodic maintenance against approved maintenance schedules, aircraft assembly, repairs and rebuilds, engine removal and installation, as well as engine cylinder top overhauls of various aircraft.   

The AMO is also approved for the maintenance of several ex-military jet aircraft requiring special procedures and maintenance support resources.  Also, as TFASA is an agent for the sale and support of both the C42 Ikarus and Blackshape Prime aircraft, the AMO is approved to carry out the build, final checking, air testing and preparation for issue of the Authority to Fly of these aircraft. 

TFASA’s AMO not only maintains and repairs TFASA’s fleet of aircraft, but also has the sole contract for servicing and maintaining AIFA’s aircraft. In addition, the AMO provides aviation repair and maintenance services to public entities and individuals.

At TFASA we offer training for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Apprentices and offer opportunities for previously disadvantaged members of the community.
TFASA Aircraft Maintenance Organisation is licensed to service, repair and maintain the following aircraft:

- Cessna 100; 200; 300 and 400 series

- Piper PA 28; PA 32 and PA 44 series

- Beechcraft Baron E 55/58

- King Air C90

- Robinson R22 and R44 Helicopters
- Blackshape Aircraft
- Comco Ikarus C42B
- Jabiru
- Rotax Engine

- Lycoming Engines

- Continental Engines

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