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Consultancy and Support Services

TFASA’s globally-recruited staff has the skills to collectively support all development and test programmes at any level from detailed design to overall programme management including the provision of highly experienced, high quality flight testing and reporting. Flight test consultation and execution cover all development fields such as Performance, Handling Qualities, Stability and Control, Weapon and Navigation Systems, Integrated Cockpit Design and MMI, Flight Control Systems, Data Regression and Aircraft Flight Model Validation, Simulators, as well as Operational Test and Evaluation. TFASA staff manages and executes complete flight test programmes from the initial definition of requirements to top level project and test planning. Programmes include detailed test planning, safety analysis and risk management, test conduction, data analysis and detailed reporting.

Every test programme is different with its own particular challenges and characteristics, but in solving problems there is no substitute for experience. TFASA staff’s wide range of history and knowledge in the industry means that problems can quickly and effectively be resolved, significantly reducing the time and cost of developing in-house solutions. TFASA is focused on customer support through resolving customer problems and providing customer satisfaction which are key targets for TFASA. For further information please contact TFASA at to discuss your requirements.
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TFASA signs major training contract.
TFASA is delighted to announce signing an agreement with a major Asian customer.

7th September 2018

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