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TFASA Experience

TFASA prides itself in recruiting the most experienced and qualified pilots from diverse countries to present courses and provide specialist Subject Matter Expert (SME) support to clients. TFASA Test Pilots have to be military trained, operational pilots, who have completed the Class 1 Test Pilot Course at one of the world’s recognised major test pilot schools. Instructor pilots supporting military or civil pilot training courses are experienced military or civil operational pilots with a formal instructor’s license qualification. Pilots are drawn from many western-based air forces, from the aerospace industry or airworthiness authorities and all have long experience and maturity in their specialist subjects.

Flight Test Engineers and Systems specialist are similarly experienced, many with formal qualifications from test pilot or aerosystems schools and all with a very wide range of operational experience in their disciplines. TFASA also engages a number of design engineering specialists in such areas as flight control systems, aerostructures, avionic systems design and systems analytics, all with extensive experience in the industry at both working and project management level. The accumulated qualifications, experience and skill set of TFASA personnel are both TFASA’s and its clients’ greatest asset.

The aircraft of test expertise includes Eurofighter Typhoon, Gripen, Hawk, Tornado and numerous fighter trainers; Rooivalk, Apache, Tiger, Merlin, Mi24, many of the Bell, Eurocopter and Agusta helicopters; and numerous large civil aircraft such as Boeing, Airbus, Dornier, Bombardier and even Concorde.

Experience in China

A major focus of TFASA is facilitating business relations with China in aviation. Since 2003 TFASA has built a solid reputation and verifiable track record in China in working with clients such as the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC), Chinese Flight Test Establishment (CFTE), AVIC-International (AVIC-I), Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), as well as many of the major aircraft manufacturers. Initial work in China centred on high risk testing activities such as stall and spin testing for fixed wing aircraft and engine-off autorotation and HV-diagram testing for helicopters. However, TFASA has since grown to cover most areas of development and certification testing. Current business is also expanding into systems development and testing, in line with the increasingly systems-based nature of modern aircraft. As a result, TFASA has a good knowledge of Chinese design, testing and development culture and works closely and effectively with all its major partners and clients to provide high quality solutions.

China and TFASA in South Africa

In June 2010, AVIC-International and TFASA formed a joint venture partnership to create the AVIC International Flight Academy (AIFA) based in South Africa and, with Nanjing University of Aerodynamics and Astronautics to form NAFA (NUAA International Flight Training Academy) based in Xuzhou in China. The purpose of AIFA is to train airline pilots from ab initio to ATPL for the Chinese airline industry: NAFA, already a major airline pilot training organization has expanded its capabilities into training commercial helicopter pilots to support Chinese police, maritime and coastguard operations. For more detailed information on AIFA, please visit their website at
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