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Welcome to TFASA

TFASA offers experimental and maintenance test flying services and consultancy, test pilot and flight test engineer training as well as basic, advanced and tactical flight instruction and are specialists in evaluation, testing and certification of aircraft, helicopters and all avionic systems.

TFASA was formed in 2003 to meet the highly specialized flight test training needs of domestic and foreign aerospace industries and governments. We provide a spectrum of training courses ranging from the Class 1 graduate course for test pilots and flight test engineers to a wide range of short courses for test pilots, engineers, programme and projects managers. We also provide very detailed and specific technical courses such as flight test instrumentation design and implementation, flight control systems design and evaluation courses. TFASA is proud to specialize in tailoring courses specifically to meet particular customer requirements: flexibility in course design and delivery is an important and valuable characteristic for many of TFASA’s clients.

TFASA is approved by the South African CAA as a Flight Test Training Organisation and conducts all training in accordance with approved CAA standards, which are the same as those applied by EASA. Our training staff comes from a variety of civil and military backgrounds, exposing students to a very wide range of knowledge and experience. All test pilot instructors are Class 1 test pilot graduates who graduated from the major western test pilots schools and have many years of experience in industry and in teaching.

TFASA is commercially independent and, with the South African government’s support, TFASA can provide our clients with genuinely independent, high quality consultancy support and training across all the disciplines associated with aircraft and systems development programmes.

Please look through the other pages on our website to find more detail on TFASA’s skills and capabilities.
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TFASA signs major training contract.
TFASA is delighted to announce signing an agreement with a major Asian customer.

7th September 2018

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